Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jesse Brauning. I’m married to the wonderful Katie Brauning, and we’re loving life in Northwest Iowa. I graduated from Dordt College with a Digital Media Production degree in 2009 – but I’d already started doing weddings for friends a year before that. Fast forward a bit to the present, and I own and operate Paragon Videography and shoot weddings professionally.

2 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Jesse,

    I’m looking for experts like yourself to help populate content @ my new project (www.speculess.com). This is essentially a simple resource for finding micro 4/3 lenses that bloggers/experts can use to post snippet impressions and link back to their home sites (like m4/3 weddings!) The novice m4/3 user can then get a real quick sense of the community’s opinion about each m4/3 lens.

    It’d be great to have a wedding photog add some insight for the m4/3 lenses you use on a regular basis; thanks in advance if you choose to help out


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