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Shawn & Katherine’s Short Film

Here’s my newest short film, shot on Panasonic GH3s and GH2s, with a GoPro shot or two thrown in. Enjoy!

A new post! A still from a short film!

A Wedding Film Frame

I’m about 2/3 of the way through editing a wedding film from late June. I’m excited to finish it up and show it off. This frame is the last one I’ve edited into the timeline.

It’s a lot of fun to have shots that you are proud of.


Vermillion Wedding Film

Hi Friends,

I’ve got a new short film to share with you. Marc & Misty were lovely, and their wedding day was joyful and fun.

Shot in Vermillion, South Dakota on Panasonic GH2s and a GH3 using Panasonic, Olympus, SLR Magic, and Minolta lenses.

Nick & Amanda’s Wedding Short

Hi guys, I’ve got a new wedding short film to share with you today.

We shot this wedding film in Webster, South Dakota. I loved their reception venue – it was rustic, but beautiful. Amanda was lovely, and Nick was probably the most dapper groom I’ve worked with this year. It was a great time, and I hope you enjoy the video.

Now to get techy:

Shot with three GH2s and a GH3. This was a great GH3 experience, I learned a lot about the camera and how best to use it. Recommendation? Stick with AVCHD mode. It’s cleaner and more efficiently compressed. The high bit rates just don’t add anything except more noise to the image. Another piece of GH3 advice: Don’t turn the contrast down more than two clicks in the picture profile settings. Highlights get a little weird and hard to fix.


Kaeli & Brady

It’s a new wedding short film! I think this might be the last short film from me that does not include GH3 footage. I purchased my GH3 shortly after shooting this wedding. Enjoy!

Why a Wedding Highlight Film Is So Valuable

As you’re looking to hire a wedding videographer for your upcoming nuptials, you may have noticed that many of them offer more than just a wedding video. Some probably have engagement, love story, or “trash the dress” options to include with your package.

However, one type of service that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked is the wedding highlight video, sometimes called a wedding short, or an artistic short film.

A highlight film will capture details that you might otherwise miss.

A highlight film will capture details that you might otherwise miss.

What Is a Wedding Highlight Video?

This type of video typically runs under ten or fifteen minutes and is composed of your best moments from the ceremony and reception. Though purchased at the same time as your entire wedding package, and shot at the same time, a wedding highlight film is usually delivered sooner than your finished full-length wedding film – many videographers post them online when they are done, to showcase your wedding day!

You can view some examples of Paragon’s wedding shorts here:


Paragon was not making these when I got married, but I wish they had. I wish I had a highlight film because they are incredible, awesome, and fun. Don’t believe me?  Keep reading.

Texas Sun

The best highlights are moments that might otherwise be forgotten.

Why You Should Purchase a Wedding Highlight Video

You may be thinking, “What’s the point of a wedding highlight video? How would I even use it?”

That’s great – you’re asking the right questions that I was never able to ask! There are actually several reasons why purchasing a wedding highlight video is a good idea.

  1. Your wedding day is highly emotional when you’re living it, but a 45-minute recording of your wedding ceremony won’t quite carry the same emotional weight as you remember.  A highlight film, set to music and brimming with the underlying narrative of your wedding day, is more capable of capturing the mood, emotions, and spirit of your unique day in a short, watchable format.
  2. This type of video can also satisfy your craving to relive your wedding day while you wait for the full film to be delivered, when your videographer puts it up online – often long before your DVD is completed.
  3. Friends and family (Such as eager grandmothers) will probably be eager to see your wedding video, as well. If you receive a wedding highlight or short, you can simply forward that to them when they ask!
  4. Someday you may get a knack to relive your wedding day, but you don’t have time to sit down to an entire 3-hour-long video. A wedding highlight film is just the trick in these cases.
  5. Additionally, if you ever feel like you need to rekindle the romance in your marriage or you want an anniversary morning tradition to get you in the mood for the day, a short film might be just the ticket.
  6. A highlight film is also a great candidate for unique thank-you cards. Attach the video to an email or digital e-card, and send away to all of your guests!
  7. Attention spans are short and wedding highlight films are usually under ten minutes long – The perfect length for sharing to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; and even posting on YouTube (Always remember to credit your videographer in the description!).

Some times, brides skip the wedding highlight film for budgetary reason.  Or if you’re like me, your videographer may not even offer them.  However, if you’re one of those brides choosing your big day videography package, you’d do very well to consider all the benefits of a wedding highlight film.  You might actually be getting a lot of bang for your buck!

First Kiss

Capture the beauty of the moment in motion.