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Vermillion Wedding Film

Hi Friends,

I’ve got a new short film to share with you. Marc & Misty were lovely, and their wedding day was joyful and fun.

Shot in Vermillion, South Dakota on Panasonic GH2s and a GH3 using Panasonic, Olympus, SLR Magic, and Minolta lenses.

Nick & Amanda’s Wedding Short

Hi guys, I’ve got a new wedding short film to share with you today.

We shot this wedding film in Webster, South Dakota. I loved their reception venue – it was rustic, but beautiful. Amanda was lovely, and Nick was probably the most dapper groom I’ve worked with this year. It was a great time, and I hope you enjoy the video.

Now to get techy:

Shot with three GH2s and a GH3. This was a great GH3 experience, I learned a lot about the camera and how best to use it. Recommendation? Stick with AVCHD mode. It’s cleaner and more efficiently compressed. The high bit rates just don’t add anything except more noise to the image. Another piece of GH3 advice: Don’t turn the contrast down more than two clicks in the picture profile settings. Highlights get a little weird and hard to fix.


Kaeli & Brady

It’s a new wedding short film! I think this might be the last short film from me that does not include GH3 footage. I purchased my GH3 shortly after shooting this wedding. Enjoy!

Shooting Outside Your Comfort Zone

This morning I rode a bucket lift up into the sky. It was scary but I did it anyway. I got a cool shot that I don’t get to shoot very often, and I broadened my experience. I left my comfort zone, which I think is very important. It’s outside your comfort zone that you’ll start to push your creativity.

Check it out, this is me as the tallest person in Sioux Center Iowa for a brief moment:

2013-06-13 09.37.51


And finally, here’s a short video clip I shot on my way down, stabilized, reversed, and cleaned up:


A New 14-140mm Lens, and the G6 has 24p!

The new G6 camera!

Panasonic G6

So today Panasonic announced a new camera, the G6 – and it has 24p! That’s a first for a non-GH series lumix M4/3 camera. An interesting development. It has the same sensor as the GH2, and ‘improved processing’. Depending on what video perfomance ends up looking like, this might be an interesting choice as a potential GH2 upgrade, if avoiding the moire and aliasing present in GH3 footage is a priority.

The new 14-140mm f3.5-5.6 lens.

The new 14-140mm f3.5-5.6 lens.

More interesting to me though is the new 14-140 lens. I used to own the old 14-140. It was a my go-to workhorse for shooting with my GH1, and before I got my Olympus zooms. F4-5.8 just didn’t cut it indoors with the ISO performance of the GH1 though, and overall I found the lens too contrasty and the auto-focus never really met my expectations. As my shooting style has evolved, however, I’m starting to see the possibility that owning a 10x zoom lens, even one with such poor aperture specs, would be useful for outdoor doc-style shooting. The new lens I find exciting because its a 3.5-5.6 lens, which means just enough brighter to make a difference. Will I buy one? It will depend on the price, but some day when I upgrade to GH3s and buy the 12-35 and 35-100 lenses, I just might pick up a new 14-140 as well. We’ll see!

Here’s the link to the press release:


Glidecam HD-4000: A Real Upgrade

Glidecam HD-4000

The glamour shot – note all the snow.

It was time for an upgrade.

My Glidecam 2000 Pro saw a lot of use with my GH2s in the last couple years. When I added the 7-14mm lens to my arsenal, it opened a door to really cool shot possibilities that I only ever scratched the surface of. The fact is, I never felt very competent with the 2000 Pro. I never felt like it was well balanced, it took a long (very long) time to rebalance, and it always seemed too wobbly – even with the ultra-wide lens. That being said, I do have some shots here and there that show that the Glidecam 2000 Pro is a viable tool for a wedding videographer, producing the smooth stable floating frame that looks professional and cinematic. But the headaches were legion.


A more refined tool.

It all came to a head the other day, when I was setting up for a shoot, and couldn’t find my extra weights for the 2000 Pro. Finally I did find a one, but then I discovered that the weights weren’t all of identical weight, so that the whole thing listed badly to one side. No good. With my hour of departure rapidly approaching, I dropped the whole thing to the side in frustration. It just took too long to adjust. In that moment, I knew I needed to upgrade, so I pulled the trigger. $602 and next-day shipping from Amazon Prime later, a surprisingly small white box was on my doorstep.

HD-4000 from above.

The Micromuff helps with the wind noise.

Immediately I noticed a difference. The design is smarter, more refined. The camera plate pops off with a truly ingenious design. The trim knobs are a Godsend of repeatability and micro-adjustment. With two weights on the bottom, pushed out a little bit extra, I was able to achieve better balance in half an hour with the HD-4000 then I’ve ever been able to get out of my 2000 pro. The whole rig is quite a bit larger and heavier, which has its pros and cons. On the one hand, I need to work out or my arm is going to fall off. I’ve got nothing on Joe Simon’s guns. On the other hand, all that extra inertia means that when I accidentally nudge the HD-4000, it doesn’t go off spinning in circles. It is definitely more stable.

GH2 and SmallHD DP4 on Glidecam HD-4000

The setup.

Right now I have a GH2 mounted to the rig, with a SmallHD DP4 behind it for the added screen size (really helps) and the 7-14mm lens on the front. I find that 10mm is a really great place to sit with this lens, a good balance of wideness and low distortion. I have the camera set to continuous auto-focus, which I find works great with the lens. I’ve also got a Micromuff Skinny on top of the camera, reducing the wind noise that comes from running around outdoors. I’ve only logged about 15 minutes with the rig so far, but more is to come, for sure.

SmallHD DP4 on the Glidecam HD-4000

The DP4’s acrylic screen protector is a bit reflective, but the monitor is essential.

The verdict? I’m looking forward to using the HD-4000 this wedding season, but I’m going to need to do some lifting first.