Paragon Videography has a Thumbtack account as of relatively recently – its something I’m trying out. I’m somewhat suspicious about pay-for-leads type services, so I’m approaching it carefully and slowly.

Here is a link to Paragon’s profile on the site: Thumbtack Profile.

2 responses to “Thumbtack

  1. Hey, Jesse! I, too am a GH2 shooter and just delivered my most recent wedding to a very happy bride and groom! I admire your blog and will now “officially” follow you! To your point about Thumbtack…DON’T DO IT!! I tried it too and found that all I was doing was bidding–and not getting any jobs. I’m not saying you can’t, but those guys make their money on the bid action–the more, the better for them. Oh, and I spent a dozen years in digital marketing before embarking into videography full time. Good shootin’ to ya’, mate!

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