Hegg Memorial Wellness Center 30s Spot

I finally have had the chance to produce a television commercial! I’m pretty excited about this, as I hope it will be the gateway to a new set of opportunities for Paragon Videography.

Shot on a Panasonic GH3, using a few different lenses, including Panasonic 35-100 F2.8, Olympus 14-54 F2.8-3.5, Voigtlander 25 F.95, and Panasonic 7-14 F4.

It’s playing in Western Iowa on Premier Communications’ cable network, placed by ICAN (Iowa Cable Advertising Network). It will air during Hawkeye games on the Big Ten channel, as well as on A&E during Duck Dynasty, and on HGTV and other channels.

5 responses to “Hegg Memorial Wellness Center 30s Spot

  1. Very nicely done. And enjoy reading your blog — keep it up!

  2. Bought a GH2 to shoot my own video interviews and by accident started to shoot more photos. So any photo or video topics are interesting to me. Don’t shoot weddings (at least not yet) but I understand that this can be very challenging as you are working on a tight schedule. Other than seeing the result of your work it’s helpful to learn more about how you prepare for a project. For example with this commercial what did you use to fade into these shots? A dolly? Or some kind of stabilization system? Did you storyboard? What did the storyboard look like? And if you didn’t storyboard what lists or prep did you do. Those are all very interesting. Thanks for asking.

  3. That is really well done! Can I ask the the reception scene done using Voigtlander @ F0.95?

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