*Insert Jaws Music Here* – GH3!

Guess what, bloggites! I decided to dive in and order a GH3!

I’ve been itching for a fourth camera for awhile now (You can never own enough cameras) to have something to shoot unrigged on my Glidecam and Monopod so that I can leave my three GH2s mounted to their rigs and lenses where they are happy. I’m not one to buy last-year’s model if something better is available (I’m just not), and I’ve been singing the GH3’s praises (and deciding not to buy one) for long enough. I’m not going to replace everything and upgrade in one fell swoop, instead I’m buying the camera that suits my needs now to complement the cameras that are already suiting my needs very well.

I ordered it with 2 extra batteries and the battery grip. Judging by the battery life others have reported, I should definitely be able to shoot even the longest wedding day with 3.

With any luck, I’ll be shooting next saturday’s wedding from one additional angle, and saving myself many headaches by not having to re-rig mid-shoot.

Into the future!

One response to “*Insert Jaws Music Here* – GH3!

  1. Congrats! I get through most weddings with just one battery!
    Now, I need suggestions on how to stop people from ‘posing’ for my video during weddings! You can see my setup for receptions here:

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