How to Make Your Wedding Day Film-Friendly

Paragon shoots a reception.

In Medias Res – Shooting a wedding reception.

When you hire a videographer, chances are you are not best friends who hang out on the weekends together. You’re probably incredibly nervous to put such a large responsibility into a stranger’s hands, especially regarding something so important and time-lasting as your wedding video!

You have every right to be worried about this; however, there are several things you can do to relieve your nerves and ensure a smooth filming process that will result in a magnificent wedding video for years to come.

Remember Why You Hired a Videographer

There’s plenty of reasons why you decided to leave video work to someone who knew what they were doing. Maybe you were worried about a relative not being capable of the chore, or you wanted a high-quality final video you could re-watch every year without having to grimace at the poor editing. Remember that you hired a videographer for a reason, and that he/she, as the professional, is meant to reduce stress!

Prepare a Detailed Schedule

The days leading up to your wedding day are filled with thousands of things to do, but if you want a beautiful wedding video, don’t skimp on the schedule. Fill out exactly what, when, and where something is going to happen that you don’t want the videographer to miss. Don’t forget to leave extra time for relaxing and catching up on things that may have run too long. This is not just for your benefit, but for the videographer’s, too.

Accommodate for Filming Needs

If possible, choose venues that have a lot of natural lighting and good acoustics to help better capture your wedding day as it really is. If your venues don’t have this, they may have extra light and sound equipment they might be willing to let your videographer use to improve conditions. And don’t light your reception all in colors – make sure there’s a spotlight on the head table.

Also, realize that the videographer needs time to change lenses, move equipment, and set up any lighting and sound devices. Be courteous and factor in some time between events to allow him/her to do this, and give a 2-minute warning before the next event is going to start.

Choose Your Words Carefully

A wedding is ultimately about the marriage and life you are starting with your significant other, and so your vows and speeches should reflect your love and commitment to each other. Feel free to write your own vows as this often makes editing the final video more meaningful and story-like. And yes, this advice includes the best man and maid of honor speeches. You don’t want to watch your wedding video just to hear a “fond” story of that time in college where you got drunk the day before finals. If you’re worried about the best man or maid of honor’s speeches, let them know you want to okay what they have prepared before the big day.

Avoid “Celebrating” Before the Wedding and Reception

You may think that some drinks before your ceremony will help relax you and the wedding party, or that going to a bar before the reception will be your own mini-celebration before you have to mix with guests, but this is never a good idea. You don’t want to watch your wedding video just to see yourselves and the wedding party talking too loudly, stumbling over your own feet, or just generally being rude and obnoxious. You’ll never be able to change that memory, so keep it classy.

Learn How to Act in Front of the Camera

The most typical reaction to a camera focused on you is tensing up and being uncomfortable. However, this will look awkward in the final video, so remember to just relax, act naturally, smile a real smile, and be expressive! Also, it’s considered bad manners to talk to the videographer while he/she is trying to film. The videographer will be concentrating on getting the shots that will best reflect your special day, so hold any questions you have until the camera stops.

If you follow all these guidelines, your wedding day will go smoother than you can imagine in terms of videography. You’ll also end up with a beautiful wedding video that tells your story exactly as you’d hoped!

Bree Brouwer

4 responses to “How to Make Your Wedding Day Film-Friendly

  1. Great article Bree 🙂

  2. Thank you for all these tips. I will try all these tips when I am getting married.

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