Wedding Websites via VimeoPRO

So Vimeo PRO is pretty much the best thing ever. It took me less than an hour to put these two great sites together:

The service is very affordable, and it allows me to provide a new product to my clients that adds a layer of polish to their ability to share their wedding films with friends and family. To add even more value, I created a special ‘thirty-minute film’ that condenses their ceremony and reception down into something streamable and shareable.

The service is very customizable, so that I can tailor each site to the couple I’m making it for, and also make portfolio’s for other uses, like the wedding filmography in the first link.

Go to and check it out. I recommend it.

One response to “Wedding Websites via VimeoPRO

  1. “Wedding Websites via VimeoPRO | Micro Four/Thirds Weddings” was indeed definitely engaging and beneficial!
    In the present day society that is very difficult to achieve.

    Thx, Hilario

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