Lisa & Justin’s Wedding Highlights

It’s been too long since I’ve finished editing a wedding short. So happy with this one. I used my GH2s and also an AF100 for this wedding shoot. Overall, the image I got out of my GH2s was a lot nicer, but I think that’s because I had the AF100 set up wrong. Nevertheless, some color correction work brought the footage in line.

I shot this wedding in July, in the tiny town of Grenville, SD. A most fascinating town, it is slowly being swallowed by the shallow lakes that surround it. The waterscapes added an unusual twist to the wheat fields and Midwestern landscape. I’d love to go back up there some time to shoot photos for fun. Such an interesting place.

The couple was awesome. Justin & Lisa teach at a school in New York City, but decided to travel back to Lisa’s hometown for their wedding. They were nothing but joy and fun, the whole day. I really enjoyed the time I spent with them. They love to travel and have adventures, and that’s something we share so we had lots to talk about. All their friends and family that came to the wedding came ready to party and celebrate, and the whole wedding day just turned out to be so much fun.

I hope you like it.

Tell me what you think!

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