Decision Making

I did a hard thing just now. I canceled my GH3 preorder.

The initial excitement wore off a few days ago. The GH3 looks awesome. It would be a better shooting tool for my uses in every way. If I could replace all my GH2s with GH3s upon release, I would. But money is tight and hard decisions sometimes must be made. Initially, I said ‘damn the torpedoes’ and thought I could just own four Micro Four Thirds cameras – goodness knows I’d find uses for them. But lately, I’ve been finding that shooting with more than two cameras at once doesn’t improve my final product – it degrades it. A man can only stand behind one camera at a time, after all. So then I thought that I’d replace one GH2 with a GH3, and that will reduce the cost impact – fine, but GH2s are cheap these days, and selling one of my well-used babies wouldn’t net me much. Pragmatically, I have to realize that though the GH3 promises better low-light performance, and incremental upgrades in a variety of areas, I’m shooting good stuff with my GH2s right now. I’d be better off spending what money I have on things that change/improve the way I shoot, not on slightly better camera performance. So my conclusion, finally, is that I don’t need to buy a GH3. Not today at least, to ship some time in November if I’m lucky. No, better perhaps to buy a lens that fills a gap in my toolbox.

And maybe next year will be bountiful, and I’ll replace all my GH2s with GH3s and buy a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and a Nikon D800. Maybe.

Tell me what you think!

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