Panasonic GH3 Announced

I love my GH2s. Panasonic gets it 90% right when they make a mirrorless camera that shoots video. In my opinion, no one else gets close. Today, they announced the next generation – the GH3. It looks like a logical development towards pro features in every way. It’s bigger, badder, and more capable. The big development is that we can finally move away from AVCHD. While AVCHD is great sometimes, I’ve always had compatibility issues with it in Avid. Being able to go to the same format as Canon DSLRs – albeit with nice high data rates – which means that we get to ride the Canon compatibility train (everything gets canon compatibility first and everything else as an afterthought if you’re lucky). I’m not going to go over every feature announced, other than to say that I’m disappointed no to see that rumored XLR attachment yet – it may be announced in the future, I’m hoping. Instead, I’ll point you towards some blogs that have covered the announcement in detail. Enjoy!

Philip Bloom:



PS: As soon as more detail and such becomes available, and there are some more pre-order options available, I’ll be ordering mine.

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