Full Frame Canada

I just got back Sunday from shooting one of the most lively, fun, emotional, and beautiful wedding I’ve ever been a part of. It was for a good friend, and my wife was a bridesmaid. The ceremony was outdoors in a beautiful location, and I helped decorate and light the hall myself. I shot all three of my GH2s, and had a chance to play with my sister-in-law’s Canon 5D mark ii. This was the first time I’ve shot paying video work with a full-frame camera, and I was nervous and excited. I still haven’t had a chance to look at the video on a proper screen yet, but I was loving what I saw on my SmallHD DP4 monitor. I only used the camera during the ceremony, on my monopod as my mobile camera. I used it with Tamron’s new 24-70 lens. While I really appreciated the image stabilization, 70mm is NOT a long enough telelphoto to shoot wedding ceremonies with. Canon’s 24-105 seems like it would have been a better choice for that particular application. Nevertheless, I feel like my shots were good. My only two complaints are that I didn’t have a Fader ND large enough to fit on the 82mm filter threads so I had to use high shutter speeds, and that I 480p monitoring during recording and 720p monitoring in standby, with a significant lag between the two sucks big time. Focusing is much harder than with the full 1080 output from my GH2s. Definitely not up to par.

In other news, I’m eyeing the just-announced Nikon D600 (Full Frame video for around $2000) pretty hungrily.

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