GH2 AVCHD vs Canon .MOV files in Avid

So a couple times I’ve supplemented my GH2 footage at weddings with video shot with a Canon T2i. Comparing the footage is a blog post for another day, but right now I’m dealing with a mix of footage on the post-production end that I thought I might share.

I edit in Avid Media Composer, the latest version of which has AVCHD support. Unfortunately, on my hardware setup it’s a little buggy. AMA doesn’t work, and import to DNxHD on longer clips doesn’t always work. But when import goes through, its pretty darn fast. Much faster than importing the Canon files. The H.264 .MOV files are significantly slower, but they do import successfully every time.

So its a bit of a toss up – much faster but occasionally failing, or slow and steady? Bah, you can’t win. Someday I’ll have the money for an Avid Certified Workstation and then hopefully I won’t have Avid bugs anymore.

2 responses to “GH2 AVCHD vs Canon .MOV files in Avid

  1. Is editing in Adobe Premiere Pro an option for you?

    Also Edius is great, it can edit both .mts and .mov with no problem, probably smoother than Adobe Premiere.

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