Some GH2 Photography

Well now, I’ve posted 5d mark III and D800 photography on here before but never any GH2 shots (Except for some gear shots which don’t really count), and this is a M4/3s blog. What gives? Well, I’m rectifying the situation now. Over the last month I’ve been some places that I don’t visit every day, and I had the time to take a few photos (Somehow – this has officially been Paragon’s busiest month of all time). Enjoy.

4 responses to “Some GH2 Photography

  1. Reallly nice – love the catfish skeleton and the light painting.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey, big fan of your blog! Micro four thirds cameras led me into getting involved in the video aspect and expanding my own business, and eventually led me to your corner of the web here. Great shots in this post! If it’s not too much, would you care to share some of the settings/lens combos for some of them? They’re very inspiring, and I’d be greatly appreciative.

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