Getting back to GH2s

Okay so my 3rd GH2 is here, the 7-14mm lens is on its way, and if UPS wasn’t incredibly bad at knocking on my door loud enough for me to hear (See: XKCD), I’d have my new tripod and additional 501 head by now. I guess I’ll babysit my front door tomorrow afternoon. In the mean time, I picked up some new rig parts from Jag35, Ikan, and Ebay (Yes, I do sometimes choose cheap Chinese bits and pieces, if something similar and US-made isn’t available at a reasonable price).

These photos aren’t worth much, but check out the results:

The matte boxes are cheap Ebay plastic. They don’t even have filter holders at all. Not much good for anything except looking impressive to clients – but hey, that matters! When the cages arrive, I’ll be able to dispense with the quick-releases between the camera and the rig and I’ll be able to attach my flimsy but useful battery grips to the sides and be able to hotswap batteries on the fly. Notice I’m using the excellent DFocus (Available from Jag35) but I’ve removed the big white marker ring. I do that because I don’t use them to mark anything, and they’re big and get in the way.

2 responses to “Getting back to GH2s

  1. I like this blog. Did you stop writing?

    • Hi Daniel, No I haven’t stopped writing – I’ve actually just been so busy working on weddings and other projects that I haven’t had time to get to a new post. I’ll try to write a wedding recap this week!

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