The Fear

Every time I hit the ‘buy’ button on a big purchase, I quiver a little – in anticipation. It’s a lot of fun buying new gear, getting to put it all together and test it out, and then integrate it into my workflow. Those quivers have a deeper reverberation as well – terror. Did I make the right choice? Can I afford this? Will it be worth it? All questions I suddenly can’t stop asking myself. It makes the shipping period awfully hard to stand, and there’s generally no good answer until the gear has arrived and I’ve found out for sure whether or I made the right choice.

Today I blew some money on a credit card to get back up to three cameras and to nab some accessories that will make shooting with three cameras a lot easier. First off, I decided to wait a little longer on pulling the trigger on a full frame camera, because I keep hearing rumors about an entry level Nikon with good video capabilities. No matter how much I loved 36 megapixels, I can admit to myself that I don’t really need them.  Instead, I’m buying another Gh2, and looking for a Panasonic 7-14mm lens on ebay. I’ve been wanting this lens for a long time – and it would mean that I’d have a dedicated Glidecam setup that would be a lot wider and more usable than my current 14-54 lens is.

I’m getting a Sachtler ACE. I’ve heard great things, and I need another tripod (if you have less tripods than cameras, you’re doing something wrong). Word of advice: don’t buy cheap tripods. I’ve been there, and it is a frustrating experience. Cheap tripods ruin your footage, break your camera, and get your hands dirty. Don’t do it.

I’m buying some rig parts from Jag35. I’ll have two full follow-focus rigs, one for each Olympus zoom.  This will be a big improvement. No longer will I mess around having to switch lenses or cameras around to get follow focus utility when I want it. It will also help me nail focus during those tricky wedding ceremonies.

I’m buying a SmallHD DP4. You already know how much I love my DP6. Only thing I don’t like is the time it takes to put the hood on when I have to run outside into the glaring sun. Logically, a DP4 with  the loupe should do some great things for me in that regard. I’m also excited to see if I can get it to work on   my Glidecam, so I can see what I’m doing a little better. In general it will be good to  have great monitoring on two cameras, and not just one.

I’m finally getting another Manfrotto 501 head so that my 701 head can move straight onto my slider and in general, stay there. Maybe it’ll hit the jib occasionally, we’ll see.

Oh, and finally, something I finished up today:

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