Micromuff Skinny

The Micromuff Skinny (Photo from the Micromuff webpage).

A little piece of British mustachio right on top of a GH2. It’s a simple concept: Get a dead cat onto the on-board microphone to reduce wind noise and make the on-board audio more usable both for using and syncing.

I picked up two Skinnies last week, and today for the first time had the chance to try them out outdoors in the sunny, but very windy, Iowa spring weather. The wind is blowing here right now at 10 mph, gusting to 19 mph. This is actually a little less than this morning, I’m pretty sure. The grassy knoll I set my GH2s up on this morning (I was shooting footage of graduating students at the local college) was very exposed to the wind, and so I knew it would be a good chance to test out the sound off the cameras.

So what is the result? Is the Skinny £13 + shipping well spent? Does it reduce wind noise? The answer is a little more complex than yes or no. It’s really more yes and no. Wind noise is reduced. There is less of that harsh rumble that comes from wind blowing directly across/into the microphone. However, in 20 mph gusts of wind, there is still some pretty unacceptable wind noise generated. I would say that the Skinny is good but not perfect. I’m no engineer, but I have a theory as to why the results aren’t quite as good as a dead cat on a shotgun microphone.

The Micromuff Skinny uses a velcro patch that attaches with adhesive to the top of the GH2 microphone, basically sits right on it. The issue with the Skinny is it doesn’t really provide full 100% coverage of the GH2’s microphone. Because it sits on top of the microphone, and is exactly the same size as the microphone, there is a small gap around the edge of the velcro where wind noise can seep in, if  the wind is strong enough. This could be solved if the Skinny was 1/8 of an inch or so larger in width and length.

Would I spend the money again and purchase the Skinny after testing it and trying it out? I think I would – it definitely reduces wind noise, and should eliminate it completely in all but the most challenging of situations.

Buy the Micromuff Skinny and other Micromuff products at www.micromuff.com.

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