Excellent GH2 Resources

Okay so you bought a Panasonic GH2, but it’s a complex little piece of work, and getting the most out of its video modes isn’t the most obvious thing in the world.What settings should you use? What accessories are the best? Who should you buy rigs from? What lenses should you use? As you start to ask yourself these questions, you’ll find that there are many different answers.

Today I’m going to share with you some of the places I go when I’m looking for answers. Follow the links to find out where I go when I have questions, want to buy gear, or just want to be part of a community.

What’s the biggest GH2 video specific community? – That would be over at dvxuser.com. There are threads about everything – and it was the birthplace of the hack. If you are looking to participate in some great discussion or get a question answered, go there.

Where should I buy GH2 rigs, gear and accessories? I would recommend Jag35.com – They build rigs that are compatible with the GH2, and are cheaper than a lot of the more expensive stuff out there. Now, the only Jag35 product I currently own is the DFocus, but I love it and I’m definitely considering buying more rig parts from them in the future. Other mentions go out to Cinevateindisystem, CPM Camera Rigs, Ikan, Kessler, Letus, EdelkroneZacuto, SmallHD and RedRock Micro. All of these companies have online stores where they sell great gear – at a variety of price points. Make sure to comparison shop!

How do I set up my GH2 and get started using it? Look no further than EOSHD’s GH2 Shooter’s Guide. Lots of great info in there, and it’s all well thought out. It’s word is not law, but it will get you started down the right path for sure. It costs $29.99 but it is worth every penny.

I want to read about cool thing going on in the filmmaking world in a great blog, where do I go? Well there are a lot of blogs out there. Some of my favorite places to go looking for a good read or some information are: Daniel Freytag’s blog, Philip Bloom’s blog, Shane Hurlbut and Vincent La Floret‘s blogs, Cheesycam, EOSHD, Danny Lacey’s great Tumblr page full of videos, ShootEditLearn, Planet5d, and sometimes even Video Copilot.

I want to watch a bunch of videos made on GH2s so I can see what is possible with these cameras – where do I go? Right here: Vimeo Groups. This group, this group, and this group have the most members. There are tons of videos, and even forums and discussions going on. Immerse yourself in creativity – it will unleash your inner creative.

Where do I go to find out what is on the horizon for Micro Four Thirds? I’d say check out 43rumors.com – over there they catch wind of every rumor and keep you posted on the newest reviews and news about m4/3s cameras, lenses, and accessories.

I need to adapt some crazy lens to my GH2? Go here, this guy sells great adapters. http://www.ebay.com/sch/ciecio7/m.html

I need to use Canon lenses on my GH2, and I want aperture control? Get this Redrock Micro adapter.

I need to power my GH2 for longer than a single internal battery can handle? Some options: Use DV style batteries, use this battery grip or this other battery gripuse a Jag35 battery or use a pro battery. Now that you know what’s available, the choice is yours.

So that’s where I go when I’m looking for information about GH2s. Now, I’m hoping that you come here instead! Just kidding, go to these links and read everything that I’ve read and know everything I know. Please, you’ll save me the trouble. But come back here, because I’ll be doing two wedding recaps in May, and reviewing lots of gear soon. What gear, you ask? Well I’m going to talk about  Micromuffs, lenses, bad tripods, good tripods, and more coming up in the near-ish future. Also, look forward to my upcoming quest: the quest to buy a full-frame camera system for stills and video!

Tell me what you think!

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