The Value of Wedding Videography

I wrote this as a note on Paragon Videography’s Facebook page about a year ago, but it is still very relevant.

“Films offer us ways of seeing and feeling that we find deeply gratifying…  A film takes us on a journey, offering a patterned experience that engages our minds and emotions.” – Film Art: An Introduction, By David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson

I oftentimes hear that people have friends do their video for them. When I can, I ask that they consider this:

Most people don’t blink at paying a thousand dollars or more on a photographer because they know that professional results are dramatically better than amateur ones. Professional photography can be magical and beautiful, while amateur photos are often mere records of the event, bland and uninspiring.

I can’t stress enough that the same dichotomy stands true for video. Professional video cameras deliver high-definition, noise-free video that is more reminiscent of a high-value TV show or film then of your average home movie. Stabilization equipment creates a cinematic style that is completely impossible to achieve with a handheld point and shoot video camera. Professional lenses and large sensors allow video to achieve the same shallow focus effects so prized in professiona photography and Hollywood films.

In a world of YouTube and Facebook, a client gets just as much exposure for their wedding video as they do for their photos. Placing an artistic short of your wedding day on your facebook will give your friends and family immediate access to a cinematic wedding day experience.

I feel strongly that people undervalue the service I provide. The impact of a multi-camera ceremony, edited and enhanced at the hands of a professional, is eye-opening. Watching one will absolutely change the way you think about wedding video.

This is why Videography is so valuable.

Tell me what you think!

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