You’ve already heard about this – haven’t you?

Not that long ago Andrew Reid from EOSHD mentioned that he’d gotten word from a trusted source about a new Sony large sensor camcorder coming for NAB – the FS700. Today, it got announced! It looks pretty sweet – It excited me specifically because I’m always looking for something I can bill as high-end to my clients, which won’t cost me $16,000 (C300). This puppy will take just about any lens ever made with its E-mount, has built in ND-filters (very important for me), and apparently will be upgradable to 4k resolution via firmware upgrade (which will probably cost money) and external recorder (just like the F3 with slog). It’s rumored to be coming in under $10k. So anyway, that’s all I’ll say about it now – go check out the link, and let me know what you think about it!

Edit: I just read Philip Bloom’s short write-up, and it sums up the big picture about this camera really well! And also, according to, there’s for sure a new M4/3s camcorder coming from Panasonic at either an April 5 announcement or NAB. On that subject, once it comes out, expect me to have a big opinion. I’ve used the AF100, and am eager to see its companion or successor (hopefully with improved image quality).

And finally, expect this from me this week: GH2 review tomorrow, and Thursday I’ll put up my recap of Saturday’s (very challenging) wedding shoot.

2 responses to “You’ve already heard about this – haven’t you?

  1. I can’t wait to see the latest shoot!

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