A Question of Frequency

Hello new readers! I’m super happy that I got over 130 views today! Means a lot to me. After thinking about it a bit, I’m wondering: How often would you like me to post? Obviously, if I’m posting daily, the posts will likely be shorter than if I were to post weekly. But if I post daily, I can make the blog a bit more of a ‘window to the mind’ – though my mind mind is pretty funktastic, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Either way, I’ll make sure my content is always as rich and relevant as I can make it. So, what do you think? Please comment and let me know how often you’d like to read my posts. Of course, no matter what you think, I’m going to do whatever I want. Just so you know.

One response to “A Question of Frequency

  1. My thoughts right now are to take my wife’s advice and do 1-2 posts per week.

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